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A Life Of Zero Waste

People will laugh at me because I’m always washing out plastic Ziplock bags but I believe in the expression, waste not, want not. The earth gives us so much that it is only right and fair for us to give what we can. Reducing waste is one of the easiest ways to do this; conserve the limited resources that keep us all breathing fresh air, surfing in clean water, and enjoying good food. Here are some of my tricks to catering with zero waste: 
1) As I’ve mentioned, wash and reuse plastic bags and containers 
2) Wash and reuse bottles 
3) Collect food scraps from the kitchen and turn them into compost 
4) Persuade people at each event to use real plates, cups, and silverware (nothing disposable or plastic) 
5) Setup a system and train workers to use as little water as possible washing dishes; don't use the dishwasher

6) Buy locally at farmer’s markets and from bulk sections of the health food store to minimize packaging and transport costs

7) Use cloth towels, not paper towels, wash and reuse them and dry them on bamboo racks to save on the energy from dryers
I apply the same rules to my home as I do for my business. In my backyard, the daily routine involves taking the food scraps, adding yard waste, turning it and turning it until over time, about 8-12 months, it becomes "food for the food” and is added to the soil for the base of a beautiful garden.  I’m not at 100% zero waste but I try my best to get closer and closer. If we all try a little, it adds up to a lot.

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