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The Parilla is a traditional style barbeque found throughout Uruguay, Argentina, and the South of Brazil. Parilla is special because it utilizes a natural process to create the charcoal for the barbeque that begins many hours before the meal. First, the wood must be harvested and dried. Then, once a spot for the grill is selected, a great fire is built next to it and as the fire burns slowly over time, it transforms the wood into charcoal. This is a completely natural process and no accelerants are used. We then slowly bring the smoking charcoal under the grill and begin the cooking process. Anything and everything, even desserts, can be prepared this way and the food takes on a wonderful, smoky flavor. Guests enjoy witnessing this rustic cooking method as much as the delicious, perfectly cooked foods that result.

*We have experience accommodating all dietary preferences and restrictions. Including but not limited to: Vegetarian, Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free, Ayurvedic, Detox, & Paleo

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