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Kauai Chef

"We treat every event we cater as a special event, bringing the same joy, quality, love, and attention to detail that we would if it were your wedding day."

We have extensive experience with the following events:

* Romantic Dinners
* Open House Party
* Birthdays
* Retreats
* Anniversary
* Special Celebration
* Holidays
* Rehearsal  Dinners
* Baby Shower
* Coperate Retreats and Events
* Bachelor/bachelorette parties

Personal Food Shopping:

We know you’d rather spend your time on our beautiful island with your toes on the sand and not in the supermarket. Call us prior to your arrival and we’ll connect with your house manager to coordinate everything in time for your arrival. The kitchen will be stocked with all your favorites* and a few fun, local surprises. We love introducing our guests to the exotic, tropical fruits and vegetables as available each season.

* We endeavor to find all your favorite foods, if available on island. We have an extensive network of trusted suppliers and can usually find most items. However, Kauai is small and remote, and some items are simply not available here. We reserve the right to substitute the closest possible ingredients when required.
*We have experience accommodating all dietary preferences and restrictions. Including but not limited to: Vegetarian, Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free, Ayurvedic, Detox, & Paleo.

Contact Chef Leo today to save a date or discuss your wedding plans.

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